Why the stealth aircraft are stealth?

Why the stealth aircraft are stealth? The expert Gerardof Fortuñoski explains why.

The stealth aircraft, like f-117 Nighthawk, F-22, B-2, and more recently, PAK-FA (T-50) and F-35, they have something in common: they superficies are in angle (especially observable in f-117 Nighthawk). These superficies are designing to reflect and redirect the waves of the RADAR, blocking then this waves return to the issuer of the RADAR.

1401901834405F-117 Nighthawk

Also, the antiradar materials, are designed to absorb the waves of the RADAR. This materials convert the electromagnetic waves of the RADAR, in heat, which is dispersed in the environment. Now, the computer aided design technology, has permitted desing more aerodinamic airplanes than F-117, but retaining its anti-radar properties. One example is the F-22, YF-23 or B-2.

maxresdefaultF-22 Raptor taking off
800px-Northrop_YF-23_DFRCThe two prototypes YF-23
1024px-US_Air_Force_B-2_SpiritB-2 Spirit

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