iPhone or Android?

Nowadays, society is separated into two segments, iPhone users and Android users. But which of those is more popular? Google Trends always has the answer:iphoneandroid

■ iPhone ■ Android

As we can see in the bar graph, the two operative systems are almost at the same level, with Android a bit more popular.

Another interesting fact we can see in the timeline it’s that the iPhone red line has some high points, that surprisingly match the dates when a new iPhone type comes out! Amazing, isn’t it?


PSY or Gangnam Style?

According to the official Google Trends page PSY, the creator of the song with the most views on YouTube, Gangnam Style (2.802.722.518 views) has by far lots more searches on Google.

That shocked me, as I thought people would search a million times more Gangnam Style than PSY.

■ PSY ■ Gangnam Style

Google Feud – Guess Google Trends

Introducing Google Feud, an online game to test your Google Trends skills. This game will show you a query which you’ll need to guess ten ways google would autocomplete that, based on the newest google trends.


I find it a really cool and entertaining game to play with friends and have some laughs typing stupid answers. I challenge you to try it. Will you beat my 16-guesses highscore?

Why is porn so popular?

According to google trends, porn is (and has been since 2004) one of the most searched topics on google.


■ Porn ■ Gmail ■ Minecraft

As we can see, Gmail hardly reaches porn’s popularity, and this screenshot has been taken in the porn’s lowest hours. However, Minecraft doesn’t nearly reach any of the others.


But, why is porn so popular? You can tell us in the comments 😀