Blog of Blogs

First Post:

In this post I will explain blog of FCF (Catalan Football Federation).



FCF is a web of football, specifically of Vallés Occidental and Vallés Oriental.

This web it allows you find other teams, see the equipment of the other teams and the results of matches.




In this post hos I will explain the blogs that I have put

Second Post:

In this post I will explain blog of  Traductor*


Traductor is an application or web, where you can translate words that you do not understand or cost you.

Direction for this blog:

Third Post:

In this post i will explane blog of Minecraft.


Minecraft is a game, which consists of surviving in causes of nature. Is like in real life, you have to build your house, find your food and discover new places.

In this blog, explains how to start playing, the different webs, and many more things.

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